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Aerator for Concrete Pools and Spas .

The SE708 Aerator can be used for a variety of purposes in your concrete pool or spa, including -

• Creating special effects when used in conjunction with a Spa Electrics lighting system.

• Assisting filtration by providing substantial water movernent and increasing the efficiency with which the filter is able to remove foreign materials.

• Creation of a soothing bubble action for tired aching muscles ( use with a variable speed control for added flexibilty ).

• Increasing the oxygen content of the water to help bring back that sparkle.

• Operation over an extended period of time in order to reduce water temperature ( some blowers may not be suitable ).

Important Note:

Performance of your Aerator is controlled by, and will vary with, the resistance built into the system.

Resistance may come in several forms, including:

• Depth at which the Aerator is fitted.

• Vertical "down pipe" length at the base of the Aerator. ( 100mm recommended )

• The distance of the blower from the pool or spa.

• The diameter of the pipe work, ie. 40mm - 50mm.

• The numbeF of changes in direction, ie. 45 0 / 900 bends required for connection.

• The blower power rating, eg 800watts / 1000watts

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