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HIDE Skimmer Lids are designed for quick installation by a contractor. Each HIDE kit contains all the components for a no-fuss install. A RANGE OF WORLDFIRST INTEGRATED INLAY LIDS FOR POOL SKIMMERS. Traditional plastic pool skimmer lids are a big blemish on a luxury investment and require constant replacement.

Luckily, HIDE has a solution. Our range of inlay lids for pool skimmers allow those eyesore spots to become essentially invisible. HIDE inlay lids are installed flush with the pool surrounds and are fitted with matching landscaping materials to that of the coping or surrounds. A finished HIDE lid blends seamlessly into a pool landscape, providing a luxury touch without the price tag!

IT’S ALL IN THE (HIDDEN) DETAIL A finished HIDE fitted with an inlay. HIDE SAFETY KEY HIDE INLAY LID HIDE EDGE PROTECTOR Each kit also contains adhesive, a Height Adjuster and install instructions.

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