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The Robo pro 200 Series iCleaner has been specifically designed to cope with the extra demands of large residential pools, through to small commercial complexes. With the iCleaner in your pool, your customers will be enjoying, a cleaner, safer swim, whilst you enjoy the savings.

Value for Money

If you are considering investing in a robotic pool cleaner, you deserve the whole package. All robots in the iCleaner range come standard with the Remote Control for target cleaning, twin drive motors, suitable for all pool shapes (even lap pools). and a dedicated water pump for outstanding climbing capability. The sponge wheels are suitable for all pool surfaces, and a caddy makes for easy transportation and storage. To top it off, the Robo Pro comes with a floor only option for that "quick clean" when you need the pool in a hurry.

DIY Servicing

The savings don't end with the purchase price, the 200 is designed for DIY servicing. Using basic tools from your tool kit, order the parts on-line, and perform the maintenance yourself.

The iCleaner comes standard with :

• Wall & stair climbing capability

• A full function remote control for spot cleaning

• An aluminium caddy for transport and storage

• Sponge wheels suitable for all pool surfaces

• 2 powerful drive motors

• 36 months limited warranty for consumer use

• Dynamic Monitoring of pump and drive motors

Available Colours

Light blue / Dark blue / White

Optional Extras

• Waterproof remote control holder

• Caddy Cover

More Information
Brand Robo-Tek

• 36 months limited warranty for consumer use

iCleaner 200 Manual
(Size: 7.9 MB)
ROBO - PRO (i200)
(Size: 1.4 MB)