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Revive® is the first multi-mineral blend of its kind developed based on scientific proof and empirical data, while pool minerals that are currently available in the market largely base their claims on anecdotes about the therapeutic benefits of swimming in mineral rich water bodies such as the Dead Sea. The formulation contains essential minerals such as magnesium, potassium, sodium, boron and iodine, in biologically relevant proportions that needs to be constantly replenished to sustain important biological functions and maintain homeostasis in the body. Our mineral blend is developed by carefully considering the amount of essential minerals that exist in nature, that is required by the human body and on the basis of current lifestyle, at the same time fulfilling the criteria for maintaining a sanitised and healthy swimming pool. For topically applied minerals to have a beneficial aspects on health, their permeation through skin is a critical precondition. With Revive®, we have optimised the concentration of minerals for transdermal absorption by your body, to provide health benefits from the first day of its use.

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