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HEAVY DUTY Liquid Flocculant.

A specialised blend of our liquid floc combined with a concentrated polymer resin Maxi Floc Plus will settle debris and organic matter to the floor of the pool in 3 - 6 hours.


Clears the cloudiest pools in under 6 hours Use to remove dead algae and other floating particles No messy residue

Important Notes

Will not work if algae are present.

Superchlorinate before using Lo-Chlor Maxi-Floc Plus Prior to adding Lo-Chlor Maxi-Floc Plus, adjust pH between 7.5 and 7.8 If your TDS reading is above 1500ppm, this product will not work effectively Unless sufficient Lo-Chlor Maxi-Floc Plus is used, floccing activity will be minimal Set the filter to BY-PASS or RECIRCULATE, otherwise remove filter grids prior to application After debris has dropped to the bottom of the pool, vacuum to waste where possible, clean the filter and adjust your chemicals if necessary


1L per 50,000 Litres of pool water

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