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The Sta-rite enviroMAX 1500 Watt is the ideal pump for new or existing pools.

Utilising advanced hydraulic design and the latest technology in permanent magnet, variable speed motors, the Sta-rite enviroMAX has the perfect combination of efficiency and performance. The Sta-rite enviroMAX delivers energy savings and the power when you need it. You will also have the peace of mind that you are doing your bit for the environment and reducing your carbon foot print.


• The enviroMAX 1500 uses a radial flux, brushless, permanent magnet motor which offers high efficiency levels compared with conventional induction motors. Combined with the latest in electronic control, this allows the motor/pump to run at varying speeds.

• Step technology, allows you to select a duration for each speed setting and automatically switches to the next speed/step after the time is up. This allows you to fine tune your pool filtration and circulation and get the most from your variable speed pump.

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Brand Pentair

Three-year limited warranty.