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On start, the XTA spa blower draws air into the intake where it expands and is compressed again before being drawn into a vertical drop, whereby the air is once again compressed and changes direction to travel horizontal to be compressed again and induced to rotate at high speed, the air is then driven through the motor and down through our “Quad Ports” to exit in the air outlet for connection to the spa.

SOUND LEVEL: In the products that are available from the pool industry (world wide) the method favored by most of the industry, is to clog up the blower with masses of foam to absorb the noise once the blower is running, this action usually causes high air temperatures at the outlet and overheating of the motor which then has to be controlled by a thermal cut-out. With the XTA we reduced the noise factor at its source with the result of a lower motor operation temperature, thus increasing its serviceable life.

RELIABILITY: Reliability has best been achieved by the reduction of the corrosive action of “moisture laden air” which is forced through the motor after the pressure of water reclaims the void in the air delivery line once the blower has been shut down.

Our patented “Quad Port Partition” strips moisture from the returning airflow which is in turn forced through the motor. The XTA Blower motor compartment has been specially designed to retain any moisture clear of the motor. We advise the use of a quality one-way valve for all installations and an “earth leakage protection system” for added electrical safety.

AIR SUPPLY LINE: recommended 50mm pipe with 45o angles to change airflow direction.

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